👊 Talk: The future is created by optimists

👊 Talk: The future is created by optimists

A talk about fact-based hope and how that creates better results for your organization.

"A world-leading futurist, offering sound guidance to government leaders, corporate decision-makers, and individual citizens."
Tom Skalak, Senior Advisor to the Founders, Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation

🌱 The grass is greener than we think

In a world filled with negative news, it's important to look up and also see the progress. It is fast and powerful. But it's just the beginning. New technology and human freedom create vast new opportunities.

In my talk, I infuse hope using facts.

– Mathias Sundin

Talk at AI Nordic Powwow.

"I look to Mathias and, through his leadership, Warp News to help guide me to see the possible in every day." 
– Richard Maltsbarger, CEO of PetValu, former COO of Lowe's

💡 The future is created by optimists

The first step in creating something is to imagine it. Believing that it can happen increases the chance that it actually will.

That's why optimists, more than anyone else, create the future.

"Mathias Sundin helped us broaden our perspectives and see things from other angles."
- Roger Ekström, Vice President, AB L E Lundberg, chairman Swedish Hockey League

😈 The Angry Optimist

Mathias Sundin is a former Member of Parliament and now leads the techno-optimistic foundation Warp Institute and is the editor-in-chief for Warp News, which publishes fact-based optimistic news about technology, science, and human progress.

At the Warp Institute, he works on two projects.

Together with internet pioneer Jonas Birgersson, he leads Project Energy Society, which is building a new electricity grid with the goal of offering all the electricity we need at a low fixed price.

In Project Centaur School, he is building AI tools for teachers and students.

In the fall of 2023, he will release the book "The Centaur's Advantage – Use AI to Upgrade Your Brain, Communication, and Productivity". The co-author is the AI bot WALL-Y, created by Mathias.

"Mathias Sundin is like a contemporary Hans Rosling."
Klas Hallberg, ranked as one of the world's top 9 professional speakers

📈 Fact-based hope

We are bombarded with misery every day, especially through the news. But that's not the whole picture. The world is also making great strides, as Professor Hans Rosling showed us.

This happens thanks to millions of people who dream of a better world, and then set out to create it.

Grand dreams like those of Martin Luther King, but also a teenager on holiday, sees plastic in the ocean and decides to do something about it.

When you and your organization work to improve something, you are contributing to humanity's progress.

🦾 It’s time to be a Techno-Optimist

Our civilization was built on a spirit of discovery, of exploration, of industrialization.
Where are we going?
What world are we building for our children and their children, and their children?
A world of fear, guilt, and resentment?
Or a world of ambition, abundance, and adventure?
It’s time to be a Techno-Optimist. 
– Marc Andreeessen

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