Talk: Optimist's Edge

Talk: Optimist's Edge

In my talk, I will show you how to use the Optimist's Edge. A tool to find opportunities before everyone else.

Using the Optimist's Edge

In 1994, a thin-haired man with a boisterous laugh sat in his office at a New York hedge fund.

Among all the numbers he looked at every day, one stood out.
Something called the internet grew by 2300 percent per year.

This was an opportunity worth quitting a lucrative Wall Street job over.

That decision looks obvious in hindsight, but not at the time. This is a headline from the mid-90s.

Headline in Newsweek.

Most people miss the real trends and instead believe the opposite.

  • When something gets better, most think it gets worse.
  • When something gets cheaper, most think it gets more expensive.

The Optimist's Edge glasses

Optimist's Edge is a pair of glasses. When you put them on, you'll see opportunities before everyone else.

In my talk, I will show you how to use the Optimist's Edge.

And I'll present some great opportunities today, and how they can affect your organization.

What Jeff Bezos used to start Amazon was the Optimist's Edge.

  • See the facts, instead of getting fooled by negative headlines.
  • Using optimism to dream and dare to act.

That gave him an edge. The Optimist's Edge.

Giving your organization the Optimist's Edge

Optimist's Edge is a tool we at Warp Institute have developed.

A pair of glasses you can put on. With them, you'll see tons of opportunities.

You can apply the glasses to a problem. Or to be creative.

You can use in your daily life, your career, and your organization.

How it started. How it's going. 


The talk can be adapted based on your wishes and needs.

  • It could be anything from 5 to 55 minutes.
  • You can add on a workshop.
  • We can send you and your co-workers a weekly Optimist's Edge article.
  • And you can ask me to focus on certain edges and technologies. Like AI, space, green tech or food tech.

Reach out, and we'll find a solution that fits you.

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Video: The Optimist's Edge with the Angry Optimist

Here is the talk. In Swedish.

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"Mathias Sundin helped us broaden our perspectives and see things from other angles."
- Roger Ekström, vice president Fastighets AB L E Lundberg