AI talks at University of North Carolina

Less than 24 hours in the US, but managed to give three talks at UNC Chapel Hill.

AI talks at University of North Carolina

Mark Crowell is a Professor of Practice at the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill. Through our mutual acquaintance, Tom Skalak, he organized a full day there. Three talks and a couple of meetings. (Poor Mark had to hear the same talk three times.)

Universities were the first to be negatively impacted by ChatGPT. Students could easily cheat. This led some universities to prohibit students from using AI. I think this was a short-sighted and incorrect decision. I understand the problem, but the solution is not a ban. Instead, one must develop.

This seemed to be precisely the attitude at UNC: Chapel Hill. They were working on an AI strategy and had several other ideas on how to use AI in their work.

As always, it was fantastic to be back in North Carolina. My favorite state, where my friends and co-founders of Warp News, Eric and Rich, live.

Mathias Sundin
The Angry Optimist