🎤 Mini tour with three AI talks in two days

I was extremely energized by meeting digitalization unit and seeing all the pitches at the innovation week in Lund.

🎤 Mini tour with three AI talks in two days

It started in Nacka where the digitalization unit had a lunch-to-lunch conference. This was a group that was skilled in both AI and, of course, digitalization. Before I started my session, they had group works and several groups used ChatGPT in their work. Nice!

Then onto Lund where I was the closing speaker at the municipality's innovation week. During the morning, I listened to pitches of ideas they had come up with during the week and demos of innovations they were currently implementing around the municipality.

I was extremely energized by this! This is exactly what contributed to me becoming an optimist. When I was a member of parliament, meeting entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators in municipalities and many other places, I realized step by step the bright future we are moving towards.

Among other things, they were facilitating people's application for building permits, for example, by using AI that can interpret an image and even directly notify if the wrong document has been uploaded. This spares the handler from having to determine this, inform the person, and almost start the process over.
After my speech, I had a good and pleasant lunch with the organizers, then managed to have a quick coffee with my friend Peter, and then onto the day's last lecture, and first after-work event.

Jonas Birgersson's company ViaEuropa had an after-work event and I talked about the book. After that, just a bit of the event and then on to another after-work! It's a hard life, but someone has to live it. Johan Wester and Trine Grönlund organized an after-work with disco. It was full swing when I got there at 8 pm. I only managed until 10 pm, but it was fun.

The next day was really the day after. All SJ trains were canceled...

Mathias Sundin
The Angry Optimist