🏗️ I gave a talk for Svenskt Aluminum (and got evaluated)

I gave a talk at the annual gathering for the national interest organization Svenskt Aluminum.

🏗️ I gave a talk for Svenskt Aluminum (and got evaluated)

Svenskt Aluminium is a national interest organization whose members are companies for whom aluminum is a strategic material. They recently held their annual gathering in Jönköping.

The future is created... by aluminum

After putting together the program, the CEO, Lars-Inge Arwidson, was pleased, but also realized that there was too much negativity. Inflation, war in Ukraine, gang shootings. Not all of it affects the aluminum business, but it impacts the mood of the participants.

He wanted something optimistic. Fact-based and optimistic, so he invited me.

I talked about how the future is created by optimists and how you can get an edge by being optimistic in a pessimistic world.


Through the speaker agency, my talk was evaluated:

Are you satisfied with the speaker's performance? 5*
Was the speaker credible? 5*
Was the speaker engaging? 5*
How was the response from the audience? 5*

*Too bad the scale was 1-10.

Just kidding!